About Robby Herbst

2011: The first time I sat to meditate. I thought it would be easy to sit quietly and keep my attention on my breath. I thought wrong. After my first breath, I was distracted by thoughts and spent the entire time struggling to bring my focus back. I also fell asleep cross-legged and woke up folded over my legs, which had also fallen asleep. (Read more about My First Meditation.)
2014: I started to get more serious about my practice after discovering that it was helping me better manage anxiety and stress. I even created and conducted a self silent retreat, an experience that changed my life. The more I noticed how the benefits of meditation spilled over into my everyday life, the more I developed the desire to teach others how to do the same over the coming years.
2017: I earned my teaching certification under Charlie Knoles’ 200-hour training on mindbodygreen and learned how to teach a variety of techniques across four practices: Present Moment Awareness, Intention, Transcendence/Self-Discovery, and Energized Body and Mind.
2018: Following the certification, I served as Charlie Knoles’ teacher’s assistant for the same course to assist others from all over the world in earning their teaching certification.
2019: I created Tune Inward as a vehicle to begin teaching on my own.
Robby Herbst

I prefer a practical and fun approach to meditation. I’m passionate about making meditation accessible and providing my students with guidance to either start up or enhance their practice. I also focus on helping each student build a habit and establish a routine so he or she can consistently experience the benefits of meditation for his or her self.