Tune Inward makes meditation practical and accessible for anyone looking to either start or advance their practice.

Tuning into something means to associate oneself with what’s happening in his or her surroundings.
The idea of Tune Inward is setting aside time each day to understand what’s going on within the mind and body. It’s taking a break to not only get a better grasp on thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and sensations but also shift the relationships with these ideas, states, actions, and feelings so we can discover the most authentic versions of ourselves.
We practice this through meditation.
While each meditation technique has a different effect, with consistent practice, there are many benefits of meditation that can carry over into day-to-day life, including:
  • Increased awareness and presence
  • Heightened attention and focus
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Enhanced creativity and imagination
  • Restored energy and drive

Meet Your Teacher

Robby Herbst