Personalized Meditation Classes

Working with a meditation teacher is a powerful way to build, strengthen, and deepen your practice. While there are plenty of wonderful apps that can introduce you to a variety of techniques, working with someone in real-time is a unique experience that takes things a step further.

Tune Inward is here to not only teach you a variety of meditation techniques but also provide helpful advice and tips for establishing positive habits and consistent routines, make sure you’re practicing correctly and coach you along the way to either get your practice started or moving in the right direction. Think of Tune Inward as a personal trainer for your mind.

Please note: All meditation classes are online only for the foreseeable future.

Online Meditation with Tune Inward

One-On-One Classes

Looking for one-on-one guidance? Tune Inward is here to be your meditation coach. After a brief consultation, you’ll receive a plan and schedule that’s customized to your needs and level of experience. It’s one of the best ways to enhance your practice.

Group Classes

Are you part of a group that’s interested in trying something new? Personalized group meditation classes are an excellent way to come together and learn alternative ways to reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen attention and focus, and cultivate positive intentions.

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Online Meditation Class

Meditation Techniques

Presence & Focus

The mind is active. Having thoughts during meditation is not only common, but also completely normal.

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The techniques in this practice help strengthen the ability to remain present whenever distractions – like thoughts, sensations, and sounds – pull our attention away. They also teach us how to handle distractions without judgment or resistance.

By using the breath as a focal point, this practice creates a solid foundation for keeping our attention on the moment while breaking up the buildup of stress, decreasing anxiety, and quieting the mind.

Mantra & Creativity

In our day-to-day lives, it’s easy for our minds to be affected by anxiety, stress, fatigue, and other reactions that have negative consequences.

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“Transcendence” refers to either existence or experience that goes beyond normal or physical levels of the self. Practiced by using a mantra, self-discovery techniques effortlessly take us into deeper and quieter states of consciousness – states that go beyond (or transcend) waking, sleeping and dreaming.

When we practice settling the mind and body down, not only does it kick off residual anxiety and stress, but it also provides deep rest and has positive effects on the brain, especially in areas related to creativity.

Intention & Visualization

To achieve something, sometimes help is needed to see what we want.

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Intention-based meditations can create a clear picture of what we desire. From cultivating compassion to setting goals, this practice aligns the mind with a state we’re trying to reach.

As a result, we can sharpen our attention, generate more compassion for ourselves and others, and learn which roadblocks are holding us back.

Energy & Breathwork

Not all meditations are about relaxation.

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The techniques in this practice involve controlling and administering the breath in a way that deliberately triggers both the excitation and relaxation responses. By controlling the way we breathe, we can create natural energy for use throughout the day. We can even bridge the gap between meditative states and day-to-day life.