A Brief Pause


When challenged with a problem, my typical approach is to:

  • Face it head-on
  • Understand the obvious and underlying issues
  • Break it down into small, manageable pieces and parts
  • Step away
  • Come back later with a fresh perspective
  • Take action

Essentially: confront it, study it, break it down, leave it, revisit it, and act on it. Depending on how urgent the problem is, sometimes I leave it alone for a few days. Other times, months.

That’s why I’ve hit pause on Tune Inward for the last four months.



When I launched Tune Inward in 2019, it was an exciting new venture. I immediately poured my time into creating an offering, website, brand, aesthetic, messaging, content, future plan, social presence (including the framework for a social network), and even registered it as an LLC. I quickly went from being a teacher to a business owner.

I’m also a naturally anxious person—even with a daily routine of meditation, introspection, and mindfulness exercises. Consistency in these areas has helped me in more ways than I can imagine in managing anxiety, stress, and rumination, but it’s not a cure.

So with a full-time career, family, additional interests, and big life events taking place, stacking Tune Inward on top was quickly steering me toward burnout. The work I was doing soon felt like a burden. Simply put: I became (not surprisingly) overwhelmed.

It reached a point where I had to deal with what was happening or I would continue down a rough path. That’s when I took a step back.



After confronting the situation, studying it, breaking it down, leaving it, and revisiting it, I realized I was spreading my time and efforts too thin over too many areas of the offering. By planning too far into the future, I was trying to overachieve too soon. I was working on things I felt were important, though they had little impact.

And I was hardly teaching.

My efforts went into everything except for the reason I started it in the first place: to teach. I lost sight of the one thing that’s the most enjoyable (and relaxing). I not only put the cart before the horse but built the cart and forgot about the horse.



From this point on, I will concentrate all efforts on simply helping those interested in starting or enhancing their practice via more teaching opportunities. This includes personalized classes, workplace classes, and an increased presence on InsightTimer. I’ll continue to create short, teaching-related posts on this blog and only maintain a small presence on social media to stay focused on teaching.

I’m grateful for the continued support and everything that has led up to this moment. It’s time to accept that the framework in place is good enough and the fun work can begin.

It’s nice to be back and feel excited about Tune Inward again. Sometimes when you’re stuck in the weeds, it’s good to step out, step back, and get a perspective on how to best move forward.

I look forward to focusing on sharing what I consider one of the most important and accessible practices we can tap into. And if you see me drifting away again, I invite you to help steer me back on course.

Thanks for tuning in.